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The system didn’t evade this time but calmly replied, “This world is real, and the host is facing reality.”

Hao Jian suddenly laughed, leaning to believe the system a little for once.

“And what’s the lottery? You didn’t mention it at all before. It’s not like it’s a hidden mission that would a that would appear after a trigger, would it?”

“The system does not have the authority to actively mention it. There are ten prizes in the reward pool for achieving the achievement title and the lottery draws random rewards from the reward pool.”

Hao Jian didn’t know how many permissions were set by the central system and on what basis were they set on.

However, she remembered that the missions that the system had previously mentioned were ‘daily missions’ and ‘reward missions’. She wondered if they weren’t actually missions at all, but a name of an activity. The number of days of survival, killing zombies, etc, can all be considered as daily missions, right?

What about reward missions? It said reward, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to complete. . .

Hao Jian suddenly turned to look at Lian Ru Ning thinking,‘Isn’t the so-called kiss and deep soul communication a reward mission?’

“The host is correct.” The system responded, “The host was not very interested in using the system before, so system number 2018 wasn’t so willing to explain so much, anyway, the host is not interested.”

Hao Jian didn’t pay attention to it, but pondered, “Main mission, side missions, daily missions, reward missions, hidden missions, and achievement missions. Based on my experience in playing games for many years, there shouldn’t be any other missions. If I’m right, the side missions are definitely related to the main missions and they won’t trigger before I complete the main mission, right?”

The system didn’t say anything and Hao Jian knew she was right. She didn’t pursue the topic of the system permissions, but asked, “What are the ten prizes?”

“A pack of spicy strips, a set of adult suit, a delicate Tang knife-“

Hao Jian immediately stopped it, “What’s and adult set? The Tang knife in the weapons section is only about 50 points. Don’t tell me, everything in the prize pool are cheap products?”

“Hmph, the exquisite Tang knife in the prize pool is not for sale!” The system proudly said.

Hao Jian took a closer look at the Tang knife in the weapons section, and the word ‘exquisite’ was indeed not included.

“Exquisite Tang knife. Can it cut zombies like cutting tofu?” Hao Jian asked again.

“No, but it’s workmanship is very exquisite.”

“In other words, it’s an ornamental piece?”

“Host, how can you describe it with such vulgar words? It’s an exquisite ornamental piece!”

“. . . okay.” She can probably guess what the remaining prizes are.

“Why do you have the authority to tell me what’s inside the prize pool?”

The system answered, “Because our lottery principle is fair, just, open, and transparent. After in

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