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It was impossible for Hao Jian to kiss Lian Ru Ning. Only by killing zombies can she gain the experience she needs to upgrade the system.

Lian Ru Ning left to cook instant noodles, so Hao Jian took out the small stone sculpture Lian Ru Ning gave her from her pants pocket.

At first, she threw the phone back in the car because of its weight. She only carried the small stone sculpture and the smart watch she was wearing in her trouser pocket. She thought optimistically, even though she no longer has her possessions, she at least still had these two things.

Lian Ru Ning brought the cooked instant noodles to her. When she saw that the small stone sculpture in her hand, some strange emotions arose in her heart. She asked, “You kept it?”

“I bought it with a pack of instant noodles anyway, so I’m keeping it as a souvenir.” Hao Jian curled her lips, put it away, and reached out to pick up the instant noodles.

Lian Ru Ning’s mood gradually improved. She sat down beside Hao Jian and ate the instant noodles, occasionally looking around to see if there were any zombies approaching.

“What now?” Lian Ru Ning asked.

Hao Jian paused. In fact, she noticed that Lian Ru Ning’s constant comfort to Xin Ting was actually her comforting herself.

Compared to Hao Jian who was carrying the task given by the system, and Xin Ting who’s just in it to survive, Lian Ru Ning had a goal in mind. She eagerly wants to return to Southern City to find her family, but she’s faced with a desperate situation in front of her. She felt very frustrated, so she used comforting words on Xin Ting to make herself look less vulnerable.

“Do you still have your phone?” Hao Jian asked back.


Lian Ru Ning’s phone was inside her backpack. Except for the walkie-talkie, most of her belongings were with them.

“Give me.”

Hao Jian checked the offline map using Lian Ru Ning’s phone. She suddenly remembered something and searched inside the convenience store to look for it. After a while, she asked Lian Ru Ning to look for maps, including the national traffic atlas as well as for provinces and the city.

Hao Jian then took a pen and drew a circle on it and said, “Look at the gas station around it, either a car repair shop or a 4S shop. There are low houses around it, which shows that the population is low here. It’s not too dense. Moreover, Li Chang and the others said that after the incident, many people rushed back to the countryside, so now the number of zombies here should be relatively small.”

“From today’s situation, there are indeed not many zombies here.” A glimmer of hope rose inside Lian Ru Ning’s heart.

“There are several shops selling second-hand cars just a few hundred meters ahead. We can go there to try out luck and see if there’s a car that can be driven. Then there is a viaduct two kilometers past the shop, with farmland surrounding it. There will definitely be fewer zombies wandering there than there are on this road

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