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After Hao Jian confirmed that the escort team had gained the upper hand, she came out of the bathroom.

By this time, she had let her hair down, removed the bandages, and used her long hair to hide her face. She took off her tactical vest and hid her wireless dispatch radio and axe in the bathroom. She only hid her handgun and army knife on her waist.

She pretended to be panicking and quickly found the crowd of people who were also looking for a place to hide.

She blended in with the crowd since she appeared to be an ordinary citizen. The members of ‘Wugui’ who passed by in a hurry had no time to pay attention to these ordinary people, allowing Hao Jian to arrive to Block A without any problems.

When she and Lian Ru Ning separated, they had agreed that she would lead the crowd in Block B and create chaos to distract ‘Wugui’ while Lian Ru Ning would go to Block A – which had less people.

But when she saw the zombies tearing at the living from a far, her temples thumped.

It was obvious that the supporting escort team blew their way in here and left a big hole in the back. The commotion attracted the zombies as they entered through the hole and were soon gathering again.

She didn’t have time to kill the zombies, after all, her main concern is to fins Lian Ru Ning first and then locate An Minghui and reunite with them.

“Tsk, I finally know why the rewards for this mission are so high. If this mission has a grade then this task is undoubtedly on the ‘SSS’ level.” Hao Jian complained to the system.

The system uttered a ‘meh’ with its robotic voice and said, “The host still has too little experience.”

“Are you afraid that I won’t accept any more missions in the future if you hit me like this?”

“The system has detected that the host’s will to live is greater than ever before. In order to survive, the host will make a reasonable choice.”

“You’re so confident.”

Hao Jian also encountered a lot of zombies along the way. She drew her army knife out from her body and slashed around, as if she was just cutting the big bones of a pig.

Her actions to solve the crisis around her were so sophisticated that some people simply followed her to seek refuge.

As soon as she walked to the passage connecting with Block A, she could seethe glass door had long been shattered and many zombies were pouring in from there.

Hai Jian was worried about Lian Ru Ning, but she couldn’t go upstairs under the noses of so many zombies.

Fortunately, the conference center is so large that it was built with eight elevators in mind, and in addition to the escalator in the middle, there are escape routes on both sides of the building.

She ran to the glass doors on both sides before the zombies came after her. She smashed the lock open with her knife and headed up the stairs.

She glanced at the zombies chasing after her. Although they had long lost their bounce and explosive power due to tissue necrosis, it seemed tha

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