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An Minghui returned the things he confiscated from Hao Jian and the others. Hao Jian said unexpectedly, “This is, you believe we’re not infected by the virus?”

“We confiscated your things to make sure that there are no dangerous goods inside. Since you don’t plan to stay here for a long time, we naturally don’t need these anymore. But we still have to trouble you to stay in the isolated observation area to let others see that we’re enforcing the rules.”

Hao Jian suddenly remembered something and asked, “By they way, where are the refugee bases in Jiangshi?”

“When choosing a place for the camp, it must be a relatively safe place. Because Jiangxin Island is surrounded by rivers, even if zombies can swim over, it is easy to clean them up. Therefore, places like gymnasiums, schools, and conference centers that are closed areas and have a wide viewpoint can be used as temporary shelters.”

“School? I think schools in the countryside don’t seem to have many people.”

“How can the countryside be the same as in the city? Every household in the countryside is equivalent to a single-family residential building that has at least 70 to 80 families. Some people whose home environment doesn’t have precautionary measures are transferred to refuges. Schools have teaching buildings and playgrounds, plus the surrounding walls. They’re enough to accommodate people who have no shelter.”

“Then how do you guarantee your food?”

AN Minghui was silent. Although crops have just been harvested last month, there are now very few rice farmers. The food in this city is mainly bought from other places. The food on the market was robbed as early as when the people started to panic.

The country has grain storages to store grain for emergencies, but the granary is not here and it needs manpower and a long time to transport grains from the granaries, which is not only time-consuming but also dangerous.

Besides, the current environment does not support farming. After eating a meal, no one knowns then the next one comes along.

However, it is impossible for them to tell the people about these things. An Minghui would not even tell Hao Jian and only said, “Anyway, the country has a way, don’t worry.”

Hao Jian didn’t ask much, but said, “You just said that the conference center is also a refuge point. . . Although Peng Mao said that a new commercial center is going to be built there, it still belongs to the suburbs. It stand to reason that the zombies over there will be lesser than the city. It’s right to have closed areas, but when we passed over there just now, we found that there were a lot of zombies nearby.

An Minghui said, “From the past few days, panic broke out the city. Some people hid, and some people were busy fleeing the city. So I think there should be many zombies in the suburbs. As for meetings. There are team members to guard the center so don’t worry.”

Since An Minghui said so, Hao Jian didn’t worry about it anymore.”

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