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“Killed zombies: +5; experience gained: +25; points gained: +50”

Hao Jian and the others killed a total of seven zombies when they came out of the gas station. One of them was killed by Lian Ru Ning and helped Hao Jian kill another three, but the one who dealt the fatal blow to these three zombies was Lian Ru Ning. The system included these kills when calculating the rewards.

Hao Jian silently wrote down the calculation method of this reward. Now she has 81 experience and 91 points. There is no need to worry about food issues, she just wants to upgrade as soon as possible.

Thinking about upgrading, she asked the system, “Does your mall function only provide food?”

“Of course not. As long as the host works hard in upgrading, there are more items and functions waiting for the host to unlock!”

Hao Jian then said, “It seems that as long as it is a question that encourages me to upgrade or complete a task, you have the authority to answer me!”

Compared to their other problems, the system always said that it had no authority to answer, Hao Jian seemed to have guessed some of the rules. Even if it may be just the tip of the iceberg, it is a new discovery.

The system feels that it is about to shut down and doesn’t know if the host’s prying is a good or bad thing. Even though the system can detect the host’s thoughts, the host can actually reverse it!

It took Hao Jian and the others about three to four hundred meters from the gas station to the store that sells second-hand cars for nearly half an hour. Unfortunately, the second-hand car shop and the shop that sells electric cars next to it has no signs of useable cars.

“Go to the viaduct as planned!” Hao Jian’s expression was not relaxed.

Although they did not find the car, there is still good news for them on the road. They found a lot of zombie remains on the road, indicating that there are still some people who are able to fight against zombies nearby. This reduced the number of zombies they encountered.

When they searched for several more stores, they met a group of people, most of which were young men with weapons ranging from kitchen knives to sticks.

But they didn’t seem to be a team. They looked to be together out of necessity.

The two sides were full of vigilance, but they didn’t mean to provoke a conflict. After all, no one knew whether the other party was infected with the zombie virus.

Whether it is Hao Jian or Lian Ru Ning, they actually look embarrassed. Their clothes were a little dirty, and a lot of zombie blood and broken bones were stained on the crowbar and axe, and one of Xin Ting’s arm was still injured.

If it hadn’t been for Lian Ru Ning’s identity and initiative to show that they were good people, they would have been hiding far away.

After inquiring, they found out that they were all residents in this neighborhood, because they were running out of food at home and it was not safe at night, so they decided to come out

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