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A storm raged in He Cizhou’s mind. If she and Chu Yan were working together to monitor the Dragon Palace, he’d not be surprised that she knew this information.

However, the data and accounts of the funds under Polaris were fabricated almost flawlessly. Even professionals would not be able to find a clue without multiple comparisons and investigations.

If Chu Yan was not extremely sensitive to numbers and so good with his memory, they would not have been able to find a breakthrough so quickly.

However, Chu Yan was a genius.

It was not strange that he could find it. Under normal circumstances, he was able to see the flaws in any data in one glance.

However, Ye Qingran was only a 17-year-old teenager.

Had Chu Yan really not tipped or reminded him in advance?

He Cizhou glanced at Chu Yan.

Chu Yan was also a little shocked. He seemed to know that Ye Qingran was good, but she was far more outstanding than he had imagined.

He asked, “How did you notice the problem with the funds?”

Ye Qingran narrowed her eyes and smiled. “I just looked around and felt that something was wrong. What? Is there really a problem?”

Chu Yan and He Cizhou went silent.

Just by looking around, he was able to sense that there was a problem. His eyes were f*cking too sharp.

It was obvious that she did not want to say more about the topic.

He Cizhou stared at Ye Qingran, wanting to get to the bottom of the matter. However, Chu Yan shook his head at him.

He Cizhou paused and asked instead, “Not bad, little friend. When is your birthday? Let me star you were born under. Your eyes are really sharp.”

Ye Qingran replied, “November 11th.”

“November 11th. You’re a Scorpio. People The characteristic of Scorpio is scheming under an honest facade,” He Cizhou said as he looked at Chu Yan with hidden bitterness. “Interesting, the two of you are both Scorpio. No wonder…”

Chu Yan looked at Ye Qingran with a strange expression. “Your birthday is November 11th?”

Ye Qingran nodded. “Yes.”

He Cizhou also thought of something and said in surprise, “Chu Yan, I remember your birthday is also November 11th.”

Ye Qingran was speechless.

The birthday she mentioned was not the birthday of the female supporting Ye Qingran, but her real birthday.

She was surprised that it would be the same day as Chu Yan’s birthday.

What a coincidence!

She saw Chu Yan was staring at her. His gaze was deep, as if he had seen through her.

Chu Yan must have investigated Ye Qingran. If she had mentioned another day, he probably would not have noticed anything wrong. However, since it was the same day as his birthday, Chu Yan would definitely be suspicious.

Ye Qingran smiled calmly. “This is truly a coincidence.”

Anyway, many people had different birthdays from those on their ID cards.

It was nothing.

After dinner, Ye Qingran went back in Chu Yan’s car back. On the way back, Chu Yan did not ask her about her bi

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