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Mo Xiong’s youngest daughter, Mo Nainai, was 20 years old this year. She had bright facial features and fair skin. She was very beautiful.

She entered the private room and greeted everyone with a smile and courtesy.

When she greeted Ye Qingran, her small face suddenly became shy. She said affectionately, “Long time no see, Ye Qingran. You’re getting more and more handsome. Do you have a girlfriend?”

Everyone was slightly stunned.

Mo Xiong, who was originally smiling lovingly yet acting extremely ostentatiously, instantly darkened his face.

“Nainai, what are you talking about?”

“Dad, aren’t our two families going to work together? I think we can have a business marriage.” She stared straight at Ye Qingran.

Ye Jun laughed gloatingly. “A business marriage. Not bad, not bad.”

The joy on Mo Xiong’s face had disappeared without a trace. “Nainai, let me tell you, you can’t judge a person just by his appearance. There were even some rumors that they raped little girls a while ago.”

Ye Jun immediately said loudly, “Let me tell you, don’t slander my son. My son’s name has already been cleared.”


Mo Xiong turned around and prepared to leave with his daughter.

Ye Jun deliberately sighed and said, “Sigh, what should we do? The daughters that we raised with great difficulty are all going to run away with other men. Having a daughter sure is a waste of money. The more you have, the more miserable you will be.”

“Even if she marries a pig or a dog, she won’t marry a son of Ye Jun!”

Mo Xiong did not turn his head back. Dragging his daughter along, he left in a huff.

Ye Jun laughed out loud. He was extremely happy.

He no longer talked to Ye Hanzhi about the project.

He said to Ye Qingran in a friendly manner, “You guys have to study well in that competition preparation class of yours once you join. I don’t expect you to do well, but you should at least gain some knowledge.”

Ye Qingran: “…”

As expected, it was really Ye Jun who was behind it. He used his connections to push her into the competition class.

She was embarrassed. “In the future, before you do anything, can you please inform me first? Moreover, the content of the competition and the college entrance examination are different.”

Ye Jun frowned. “How are they different? I’ve asked your form teacher before. Participating in the competition is also helpful to the college entrance examination, especially in the High School Mathematics League. The difficulty is very similar to the college entrance examination.”

Lin Shu’er quickly said, “Hubby, it’s not that Baby has any objections. She had originally arranged for extra tuition classes every day. Now that she’s in the competition class, the schedule clashes with her tuition classes.”

Ye Jun said generously, “Reschedule the tuition classes then. If you have to pay more, I’ll pay for it.”

“So then Hubby, don’t be angry at Baby, alright?” Lin Shu’er said careful

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