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Chapter 141: She Wanted to Torture the Female Protagonist to Death

“I am just thinking that if she does this, will Ye Qingran be together with her?”

“Ning Yanshan wants to marry Ye Qingran. She wants to get married with a child.” Mu Qingxue looked at Hua Chi innocently, “She begged me for a long time. She said that since I don’t like Ye Qingran, why wouldn’t I help her? I was pestered by her until I had no other choice. That’s why I agreed.”

“If she’s pregnant, she can just abort the baby. The Ye family wouldn’t let her marry Ye Qingran just because she’s pregnant, right? Moreover, we’re high school students.” No matter how Hua Chi thought about it, he felt that it was ridiculous.

“It’s because we’re high school students that if this matter were to blow up, the Ye family would be forced to take responsibility under pressure.” Mu Qingxue sighed, she looked helpless. “Forget it. We as outsiders shouldn’t say anything. This Is Ning Yanshan’s matter. Let her handle it herself.”

She paused for a moment, then, she said, “Besides, that Ye Qingran’s private life is chaotic. She has so many girlfriends and is playing around outside. She has both men and women. Now that beauty has presented herself to him, how can he not be with her? He might even be very happy in his heart and boast about his charm.”

Hua Chi was completely convinced.

He did not feel that there was anything strange or bad about what had happened today.

It was like what Mu Qingxue told him that Ning Yanshan wanted to be with Ye Qingran and it had nothing to do with them.

The sound of Ye Qingran knocking on the door finally attracted the attention of a waitress.

She stood at the door with a shocked look on her face. “Who’s inside?”

She wanted to open the door but realized that it was locked. She quickly used the universal card that was especially used by the waitress to open the door.

Ye Qingran was very depressed. She did not expect the lock to be so hard. No matter how hard she tried, she could not break it open.

“Why are you locked inside? And you even smashed the lock.” The staff looked at the lock and her face turned bad. The lock had been smashed into deformation.

Ye Qingran looked at her coldly. “I should be the one asking you. Who locked the door from outside?”

The waitress quickly waved her hand. “It’s not me, it’s not me. I came here only because I heard a noise. I have no idea what happened earlier.”

“Is that so?”

Ye Qingran looked around and her eyes stopped at the door of the private room opposite.

She took a step and stopped again.

She stopped the waitress from entering the private room and said to her, “I broke the lock. I will inform your manager. Lead the way.”

The waitress touched her head and hesitated for a moment before bringing Ye Qingran to the front desk to look for the manager.

After Hua Chi heard the conversation outside and knowing that Ye Qingran and the waitress had left, he he

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