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The large map was laid on the table, and the people surrounded it with keen attention. With a glance, anyone could understand that it was a map of the Everole continent. However, this map was a very detailed map, it was unknown of how many people could hold onto this kind of map.

Pointing her finger onto a point at the map, Eithne said, "This is the capital of Aur, where we are now. The ceremony are going to take place exactly here.

Based on the replies that we received from the other kingdoms, all the other 4 kingdoms of Western Everole will send their respective envoy... and as we had expected, n.o.body from the Eastern Everole will attend."

"Have you listed the people who are going to come?" She turned to Abel.

"Yes. From Zvon, the Third and the Seventh prince will come. They also mentioned that another 2 people will tag along.

From Krem, a total of 5 people are coming, the First, Third and Fourth prince, the Fifth princess and the young general of Krem.

From Liiv, the First and the fourth prince, and the prime minister will come.

From Noa, only two people. The First prince, and the Grand Tutor."

"So, a total of 14 people..."

"How about their respective soldiers?"

"It wouldn't be a problem, even if they brought their elite soldiers to accompany them," Eithne said. "And it was least likely for them to help us when the situation come anyway."

"What about the ident.i.ty of the 2 people who are coming with the envoy from Zvon?" asked Zerach.

"This..." Abel hesitated for a while before continuing, "Initially, Zvon was the first one who sent their reply, stating that only 2 people will come, which are the third and seventh prince, but this morning, another letter came in stating that another 2 people will be joining them. However it was not mentioned about the ident.i.ty about these 2 people."

"Maybe they're not a citizen of Zvon?" suddenly Eithne said.

"What about our intelligences? Did they find out anything?" she continued.

"Apparently there's no new information from them yet. Misha went out early this morning due to this," said Abel.

Eithne wondered why she did not see the guy with the sly smile when she arrived, it turned out that he personally went to see this matter.

"Alright, let's move on to the plan first." She said and the others nodded.

"As we all know, Aur has been the target for the other kingdoms as a piece of land to be conquered. Especially here in Western Everole, Krem's intention is very obvious. It was the same thing with Zvon."

"These people cannot wait for the peace agreement to end soon," Abel said mockingly. "Krem... They are even sending 5 people. Aren't they giving too much face to Aur?"

"They're even sending a princess," Abel turned to Zerach. "Are they thinking of conquering Aur through political marriage?"

Everyone glanced at the King and Zerach's face turned ugly. "Don't utter nonsense."

"Hahaha," Abel could not help but laughed. "You're as shy as ever,

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