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vekalat-talagh > The Mysterious Empress > 5 The Reunion
Abel leisurely enter the inner chamber in the palace and chuckled when he saw the man who was pacing back and forth for how many times inside.

"Zerach, what makes you so anxious?" Abel asked even though he had some idea about it.

"Eithne haven't arrive yet, neither did she send any reply to my letter," Zerach muttered. "Do you think something happened to her?"

"Calm down, Zerach. Do you think the people around her were just some decorations?" Abel comforted him.

"What if she decided not to come..."

His voice trailed off as he suddenly froze as he stared at the door behind Abel.

"Who decided not to come?" a soft voice reverberated in the air.

Abel turned around and saw the familiar white silhouette and the same-as-ever ice block behind her.

"E.. Eithne..." The poor king was still frozen.

"Are you that surprised to see me, Zerach?" Eithne chuckled softly. "Nice to see you again, Abel."

"Ohhh you're looking more beautiful, Eithne!" Abel went forth and hugged the lady, while his eyes went sideways to look at the black silhouette...oh, today he was wearing a dark blue clothes.

"Abel, don't stare at Kyle too much," Eithne sighed as she hugged the man back. "Kyle is a shy person."

Abel grinned. "That's why i like him."

The person mentioned was just standing there, ignoring the cunning man that was grinning like an idiot.

"Kyle, you can go to find Alpheus," Eithne said as she walked towards the still-frozen king. "You said you want to spar with him again if you have the chance."

"What so fun about sparring with that Alpheus? Let me accompany you instead!" Abel hurriedly said, but the dark blue clad man had already disappeared from his spot.

Abel: "...."

Eithne ignored the so called prime minister of Aur and stood in front of Zerach.

" Zerach." She called softly.

Zerach sobered up from his frozen state as he examined the gentle lady in front of him.


"I'm here."

"I missed you," his voice was a little bit shaking, completely different from how he speak to the whole kingdom when he secured the throne.

Eithne smiled as she opened her arms. "I also missed my Zerach."

Zerach laughed and hugged the person in front of him. At that moment, there was no appearance of the king who claimed the throne three years ago, only a sincere, child-like laughter of a young man.

Abel watched from the side and smiled at the reunion. However, when he recalled the plan that they formulated long time ago, his smile disappeared, replaced by a solemn, distressed expression. He subconsciously tightened his fists.

Seems like this small reunion was just the beginning of a longer separation in the future.

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