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vekalat-talagh > The Mysterious Empress > 4 The Kingdom Of Liiv
"The new ruler of Aur, he is very cunning to held the ceremony at this time of the year," the middle aged man snickered as he put the invitation letter aside.

"I think he was too lazy to welcome all the envoys from all over the continent," the man who was drinking his tea leisurely commented.

"From the information that our spy collected, the new ruler was only a 22 years old brat," a youth with a red hair chirped in.

"22 years old is not a brat anymore." The man put down his cup. "And if it is, you're also a brat, since you're just 16."

"I don't care."


"Alright, so Weiner are going to attend the ceremony. Is he going alone?" the man ignored the red-haired youth and turn his head to the middle aged man.

"I'm coming with him." the youth offered himself, but was ignored.

The middle aged man was silent for a moment.

"Alright, then let Weiner and Harith go. Do you want to go too, Killa?"

"Your Majesty! Harith is too immature to go!" Killa protested.

"Father, I can take care of myself!" the youth exclaimed.

"Then it's decided, the first prince and the fourth prince will go. Killa, you also go with them."

Killa wanted to protest more but looking at the face of the king of their Liiv Kingdom, he stopped.

Liiv was the kingdom located at the southwest of Western Everole, and was also the smallest kingdom among the 5 kingdoms, while the largest was the kingdom of Zvon. To go to Aur, they have to travel along the border between Krem and Noa, which would take them 25 days of travelling.

They were well aware of the fact that if any of the other three Kingdoms would conquer Aur, they would be at the disadvantage because of their small kingdom. That was why King Hendre was actually relieved that Aur regained their footing before the 1000 years peace agreement came to an end.

The ambition of Zvon and Krem to conquer Aur was obvious, but they did not know about Noa's ground. Over the years, Noa was an indifferent kingdom. It was as if they were completely uninterested in the secular world.

"The invitation said that they would introduce the royal family of Aur," suddenly a voice rang from the door. Killa did not need to turn around to see who it was, as the deep voice certainly belong to the first prince, Weiner.

"Royal family, huh," Killa scoffed. "The new ruler only has himself, and his two subordinates. He claimed the throne from nothing, so where is the so called royal family? Except if he was married and actually has children. But our information doesn't say that Aur already has a queen."

"Well, he ascended the throne and managed to stabilise the kindom in 3 years, maybe by then he already married someone," Weiner said.

Staring at the solemn face of his brother, Harith suddenly exclaimed, "First brother, are you perhaps jealous of the king of Aur?"

"... Why would I?" his hesitation betrayed his solemn face.

"Because he is just a 22 years old brat, and he has already married a queen! And

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