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vekalat-talagh > The Mysterious Empress > 2 The Invitation
In a hidden place on a mountain, a black silhouette was sitting on the gra.s.s with his back against a big rock. A few books were scattered around him, but he apparently was sleeping instead of reading. The gentle rays of sunlight peeking through the lush green canopy above occasionally illuminating his face, making his whole person appears gentler.

"Princess..." a woman voice called out from behind but she was soon stopped by a white figure.

"Ssshh... Kyle is sleeping, if it's not important let's not disturb his sleep." the soft voice rang, and the blue clad woman immediately shut her mouth.

"Princess,this is about the ceremony at the palace," Hilda speak in a low voice, trying to not disturb the sleeping person.

"Oh," the one who was called 'princess' said in amus.e.m.e.nt. She was clad in pure white, a book was held in her left hand. "What about it?"

"The King request your presence," Hilda replied.

Eithne chuckled as she closed the book in her hand. Recalling the face of a certain man sitting on the throne, and looking at the person who was sleeping at her side, she sighed.

"Kayleigh, seems like our holiday is over."

At the same time at the palace of the kindom of Aur, a man with a dark purple clothing was sitting in front of a table, he seems to be thinking hard.

"Zerach, are you thinking about Eithne?" a young man clad in red entered the room and broke the silent atmosphere.

"Well, it'll be a problem if the queen is missing during the ceremony," Zerach sighed. "But, thinking about the plan, I'd rather for her not to come."

"But you want to see her, am I right?" the red clad man smirked. "It's been half a year since we last meet her."

"Well, i do miss her," Zerach admitted. "Don't you want to see her too, Abel?"

Abel nodded shamelessly. He grinned widely, showing his white teeth.

"I do miss Eithne, but i want to meet that ice block who is always at her side more."

"Ah, you mean Kyle? You really like him, i see."

"He's interesting."

"You know Eithne values him very much, right? I don't think it's a good idea to provoke that guy," Zerach shook his head. "Eithne might end up hating you too."

"That's what makes it interesting."

"Is everything ready for the ceremony?" Zerach asked, s.h.i.+fting the topic. This time he appeared more solemn, reflecting his ident.i.ty as the King of Aur.

"Of course, I'm the prime minister after all," Abel showed his proud demeanour.

"How about Alpheus? Did he came back?

"He will arrive tomorrow."

Zerach looked outside the window, in less than a month time, the plan will take its action. He sighed internally, remembering all the years of works that they have done to reach this point.


The prime minister glanced at the man in front of him, and answered.

"At your command, Your Majesty."

"Let's continue to work hard."

Looking at the 22 years old young man in front of him, Abel eyes became more softer and gentler. This person has

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