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vekalat-talagh > The Mysterious Empress > 6 The Plan
Eithne surveyed all the faces of the people across the table and sighed softly.

"Why is everyone putting a grim face?" she chuckled.

"Don't ask as if you don't know anything!" it was Zerach who first lose his composure. He was feeling a bit irritated with the white clad lady in front of him.

"Do we really have to do this?" He asked hesitantly.

"Zerach, we have plan everything since 5 years ago," Eithne replied solemnly.

"But this is not the only way," Zerach rebuked.

"I know. But it is the best way," Eithne said.

Looking at the determined expression on her face, the rest of the words he wanted to say was swallowed.

"Don't worry, i have my people with me," Eithne laughed. "Alpheus, i believe you know Kyle strength is not small."

The man called Alpheus that was sitting in an upright posture nodded.

"He is strong."

"Kyle, seems like Alpheus approved of you," Eithne glanced at the stoic face behind her. The person did not say anything, he just nodded his head.

"Oh Kyle, you're the same as ever!" Abel lamented. "I haven't meet you for half a year, and I missed your voice!"

Abel winked at Kyle but was ignored. The smirk at his face was frozen, and he coughed awkwardly. Eithne could not help but laughed at Abel.

"You shouldn't tease Kyle like that, he'll hate you more."

"I think Kyle hate everyone except you, Eithne," Abel retorted.

"Kyle likes me," the solemn Alpheus interjected. "And he likes His Majesty also."

Kyle nodded slightly, making Abel face more ugly.

"Kayleigh, when will you like me?"

Kyle shot an indifferent face towards him, making the other spectators laughed.

"You finally laugh," Eithne said as she looked at the young king.

Zerach sighed, it was true that the tense atmosphere just then had disappeared.

"I'm still worried, and I hate that I cannot do anything about it," he said.

"Who said you cannot do something?" Eithne chuckled. Zerach immediately looked at her expectantly. Abel and Alpheus also paid their attention to the lady in front of them.

"The outsider might only know that you claimed the throne three years ago at the age of 19, but not a lot of people know that we had planned this for over 10 years," Eithne's voice was calm.

"We only added this plan 5 years ago, when that incident happened." She continued. At this moment the atmosphere became tense again.

"To prevent that incident from happening again, we have to do this."

"I..." Eithne's voice contained a hint of mirth. ".. don't want to lose anyone of you again."

"Of course, we have became more stronger than before!" said Abel.

Eithne smiled softly. They really had became more stronger than before. Abel was still as playfull as ever, but n.o.body can ignored the sharp glint in his eyes. Alpheus stayed the same, a man of few words, probably the most mature among them all. Looking at the youngest among them, the king of Aur, Zerach had became more mature, the innocence he had had been buried

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