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The author is here, first thing first, she apologise for not updating the story after a long time, especially to those who are faithfully waiting for a new chapter(s).

Frankly speaking, the author did not save her work in any draft, etc. because she wrote the story when the mood kicks in, and she doesn't practice creative writing on the first place, so..... It was hard to put all her fantasy into words, properly.

As for this story, The Mysterious Empress, well, the t.i.tle is somehow a misleading one, anyway, this story is one of the fantasy in the author's brain before she went to bed. This story actually was just a short story, but out of nowhere, the author decided to elaborate it and now it become a tangled mess from the original storyline. Some new plots keep popping in while writing, and now the author was having trouble sorting everything properly.

Anyway, for the reader's convenience (actually for the author's convenience), she decided to recap the current story (which hasn't progressing even a bit), by somehow making a character sketch.... Not really a character sketch, just a list of characters who were already introduced so far.

The author did not do a proper character sketch because she think it was more fun to let the story introduce them personally, especially on how they grow as the story progress. (The only thing that the author has power to reveal is their age)

-------CHARACTERS LIST------------

***a character draft based on how the story progress so far (nothing is definite)

? - family name unknown

Eithne ? , 23 - portrayed an image of a gentle lady, referred as a 'G.o.ddess' by the people of Aur. She revealed that she is the prime minister's cousin. She have a thing for red hair? (The author doesn't know why but she's a bit afraid of Eithne....)

Kyle (Kayleigh) ? , 24 - a loyal companion (more to a close subordinate from the author's point of view) of Eithne, always wear dark clothing. Secretly a foodie (the author realised this after thorough a.n.a.lysis using the power of a loyal fan)

Zerach ?, 22 - the new king of Aur. (Originally the simplest character but it seems like the author cannot judge a book by its cover....)

Abel Voclain, 24 - The (new) prime minister of Aur, his family was revealed as the previous monarch of the kingdom. A sly person as said from the spies information. His motive in pus.h.i.+ng an unknown person to be the king was currently unknown. Has a thing for Kyle. (The author cannot say anything about a lovestruck person)

Alpheus ?, 27 - 1st rank (new) general of Aur, a gentle and mature-big-brother kind of person.

Misha ?, 23 - one of the people who aid the king.

Hilda ?, 26 - one of the subordinate of Eithne. She referred Eithne as a princess.

Ethan ?, 25 - he met Eithne before and regard her as his first love at a first sight, sent letter to her at the beginning of the story. Planning to go to Aur by disguising as a merchant fr

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