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"This place is so nice!" Harith was not stingy with his compliments as he praised the temporary residence that was given to them. However, it was not only him who thought so, the whole entourage from Liiv were praising the elegance of the residence in their heart.

Looking at the s.p.a.cious courtyard in front of them, Killa silently appreciated the hospitality that was given to them. Judging by the size of the residence, it was undoubtedly more that enough for all of them including their soldiers to live in temporarily.

The head of the people who were escorting them to the place open the main door of the mansion and lead them in. The interior was as elegant as it looked from the outside, there was no complicated design, but a simple yet sophisticated arrangement.

"We will be serving all of you here, if there is any concerns from the esteemed guests, please feel free to tell this servant," the butler who had lead them to the mansion said.

"Then we will be in your care," Killa nodded at the man with a hint of satisfaction.

"We can choose any room right?" Harith said excitedly. Looking at the butler nodding his head, Harith grinned and rushed upstairs with his luggage.

Not long after that, they saw the youngster ran down the stairs.

"Hey, Killa, Big brother, I'm going to explore the city!"

Killa felt a headache just by looking at this prince. He did not even bother to refresh himself or change his clothes but directly decided to go out again.

The head of the servant smiled before he pointed towards the kitchen.

"Maybe the Prince will have more energy to explore the city after filling the stomach?" he asked politely.

Harith made a face that looked like he was thinking deeply before agreeing to the idea. Getting the signal, the butler immediately ushered the cook to start preparing the meal.

Both Killa and Weiner shot a grateful look towards the butler. The fourth prince might be the youngest among them, but he was the most difficult to control! Even their king have trouble dealing with this kid.

The meal might have delayed the plan of the young Prince to explore the city, but did not prevent it.

While the entourage from Liiv were resting, this particular Prince had already getting ready to go out from the mansion. He did not even bother to bring some of the soldiers as his guard. He also did not ask for any carriage or horse.

Looking at the prince who was walking out from the gate, the butler send a signal to one of the servant. The servant nodded and went out, following the prince in secret.

The mansion for the entourage from Liiv to stay might be in the capital, but it was located at a private land, so the neighbourhood was quiet. Harith took almost one hour walking until he reached the heart of the capital, the most bustling place in the city.

When they were coming from the main gate to the residence, they took another path, so they did not pa.s.sed the city center. Harith looked at his surround

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