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vekalat-talagh > The Mysterious Empress > 15 The Nobles Of Aur
At a distance that was not far from the capital, there were two horse-drawn white carriages that were going slowly along the road. On the wall of the carriage, there was something carved on them, which was often seen in any n.o.bles' carriage, it was just that the designs were different from each n.o.ble family.

"Miss, we're almost arriving at the capital," a maid dressed in black and white uniform spoke as she raised the curtain from the inside of the carriage.

"It's only 5 days away from home, but I already miss Valkoinen," the girl sighed as she ma.s.saged her stiff shoulders from sitting inside the carriage for a long time. It was clear that she does not have any excitement of going to the capital, she rather stayed back at her house in Valkoinen.

Valkoinen was one of the fief in Aur, which located around 90 miles east from the capital. It was a fief that belong to one of n.o.ble family of Aur, the Casteel family.

The Casteel family was not in existence before the 1000 years peace agreement. It only appears centuries later, which was around 5 centuries ago. The turmoil which was started at the capital, even though it did affected the whole kingdom, the n.o.bles which resides far away from the capital were apparently experienced lesser impacts. Hence, the Casteel was still considered as one of the surviving n.o.bles in Aur. In fact, the fief they owned, although small, was in better condition than any other cities in the kingdom during the turmoil.

"Coming to the capital this time, I do wonder how much has changed," the girl yawned as combed her hair using her fingers. "I'm curious, but at the same time, it was a ha.s.sle to think about meeting with those so-called-aristocrats."

"Ah, but I do want to see some old friends, I wonder how they're doing."

"Old friends?" the maid asked curiously, because as far as she knew, her young miss does not have any friends in the capital, especially those young masters and young misses from the other n.o.ble family. The reason was because she basically dislikes them

"Yes! Old friends, the last time I saw them was 5 years ago," the girl smiled widely, anyone could tell from her expression that she really like those old friends of her.

Meanwhile, inside the other carriage, the master of the Casteel family, the Count of Valkoinen, was going through some doc.u.ments while discussing something with the eldest young master of the house.

The previous heads of the Casteel were with the t.i.tle of Duke, which was the highest rank a n.o.ble could have below the royal family. The t.i.tle was given during the reign of the Linh Royal Family, the same royal family who have been ruling over Aur since before the 1000 years peace agreement. However, their family head was demoted into a Count during the reign of the new Royal family, which was the last Royal family of Aur, the Voclain, and their original fief which was near the capital was given to another n.o.ble family with the duke

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