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Climbing down the hill, Harith just realised that he did not know if he could find any carriage to bring him back to the residence. Looking at the graceful figure who was walking leisurely beside him, he scratched his head before asking,

"Does big sister know if there's any carriage I can take to get to the Voclain mansion at the east of the city center?"

"So you're really a part of the envoy from Liiv," Eithne said, not answering his question.

Harith smiled awkwardly. He knew that as a royal, and an envoy, he could not act casually in a foreign kingdom as he did in Liiv. That was why he did not want to disclose his ident.i.ty, so that he could act like any normal tourist. It was his last wish to go around the city with some guards escorting him. Anyway, looking at the young lady whom he regarded as a big sister, he believed there won't be any harm in telling her his real ident.i.ty.

"Actually, I am the Fourth Prince of Liiv," he said awkwardly. "My full name is Harith Avra."

"So Your Highness is from the royal family. Please excuse me for calling Your Highness name blatantly," Eithne said.

"No, please continue to call me Harith! I will continue to address you as big sister," Harith immediately waved his hand. Then he realised the law concerning the royal and the n.o.ble in Aur might be different compared to Liiv. "Is it permitted to do so?"

"Isn't it too late to ask that?" Eithne chuckled. "No worries, there was no such law in Aur that prevent this kind of interaction between the royal and the n.o.bles. And I think it's the same in each kingdom, no?"

"I...think so," replied Harith.

"But don't blatantly call someone as big brother or big sister next time," Eithne said. "Some people are just very eccentric."

"Alright," Harith answered like an obedient little brother.

"Didn't you say you wanted to go back to the residence? This big sister can send you, that's if you don't mind sharing one carriage with me," Eithne said in teasing tone as she pointed to the carriage at the foot of the hill.

"I don't mind!" Harith said as he grinned. He thought for a moment before asking, "Do I need to pay Big Sister for this?"

"I will collect the payment sometime in the future," Eithne said in a half joking, half serious tone.

Harith just grinned as a reply. However, he never thought that this small debt will make their acquaintance to continue for a very long time in the future.

Jumping into the carriage, Harith was a bit overwhelmed by its interior. It was not like he never entered such a carriage, their royal carriage was much bigger and s.p.a.cious, but this carriage gave off a very relaxing feeling. Surely the materials used to build it was not any cheaper than their royal carriage, maybe even more expensive! He was more convinced that this big sister was a rich n.o.ble. Didn't she said she was a cousin of the prime minister?

It was well known that the kingdom of Aur had been without a fixed ruler for around 3 c

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