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Standing in front of the small metallic plate with the word 'Golden Garden' inscribed on them, Harith's mouth formed a big 'O' as he looked at them. He initially thought this Golden District is some kind of majestic territory that was filled with gold, or some kind of neighbourhood that was filled with sparkling building made from gold, but in front of him was just a tall, rusty brown metallic tower, while surrounding this tower were a sea of dull pale-coloured flowers. Moreover, he clearly read 'Golden Garden', so why would the woman said 'Golden District'? Except if this whole hill is actually the Golden District?

He looked at the barren hill with dejected expression, there was nothing to be excited here. Did he got played by the kind-looking woman after all? He even paid for the carriage to take him to this place as it was quite far from the city center to walk by foot. Afterwards, he need to climb the hill from the spot where the carriage dropped him off.

"Oh? It's rare to have a visitor to this place." A soft voice rang in the air which made Harith to turn around and saw a white figure standing not far behind him. Look like this gentle and beautiful young lady had also just arrived at that place.

He was stunned for a while as he did not expect to meet such graceful lady at that place. He had a feeling that this young lady also might have been tricked to come to this place.

Eithne chuckled at the bewildered expression of the youth in front of her. Glancing slightly at the bright red hair, she then stared at his face.

"Does this young sir want to take a walk in this garden also?" she asked.

Harith sobered up and unconsciously straightened his body. He coughed as he nodded in hesitation.

"Then, this lady hope that this young sir will not be bothered by this lady's presence."

"My name is Harith, please just call me by my name," Harith scratched his nose, this kind of polite conversation never amused him.

Eithne smiled at the youth's straightforwardness. She bent her body slightly.

"Then, Harith. My name is Eithne."

Looking at the young lady in front of him, he knew that she was a few years older than him because she gave this older sister aura, like how he felt with his big brothers.

"Eithne... Big sister Eithne?" he subconsciously muttered the words, making Eithne raised her brow. Then Harith realised that this form is too intimate, and even though she did not introduced her family name, but he perceived that this young lady came from the n.o.ble family judging from her appearances. Even though he is a royal, but at that time he did not disclosed the fact. So that fact that a random boy was calling someone from a n.o.ble family as 'big sister' without her permission could be an insult for some.

"Ah.. sorry, I didn't mean to..." he did not finished his words when Eithne laughed. Harith sighed in his heart, even her unconstrained laughter was graceful.

"Then, shall this big sister accompany you to walk

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