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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 57 – Chapter (57)

I stared at the calendar.

It was now June. We had just entered the rainy season; giving us damp and humid days.

I changed from the winter uniform to the summer one.

The summer uniform was made to be thinner than the winter one, and the hem of the skirt was a bit transparent when the light hit it.

It's summer.

Half a month had pa.s.sed since the uniforms had changed.

And soon there were the final tests.

Last time I didn't reach first place regrettably; but this time, for sure, I will s.h.i.+ne in first place!

I started studying earlier than last time.

I saw this on television before.

That things in the morning will stick in your head easier than things at night.

So I decided to wake up an hour earlier in the morning.

It's not hard to wake up earlier.

Oh, that's a lie. I don't like waking up early.

But, I want to be in first place.

That's why--I will wake up early today.

My motto will be "overthrowing Hasumi"; so today, I'll work hard studying.

Welcoming the day of the final tests.

I made my pen run. No matter which subject, my hand didn't stop once.

Is this the result of morning studying, I wonder?

In the remaining time I focused on reviewing.

This time for sure, this time for sure, it will go well.

Just look you d.a.m.n Hasumi! This time I'll be the one that will say "What a pity, mh?" With a triumphant look.

On the throbbing day the test rankings were announced, I looked up at the affixed paper as if I was praying.

And then my eyes widened.

1st place: Tojo Subaru

2nd place: Kaguragi Rinka

2nd place: Hasumi Sousuke

How could this……. I never thought of that possibility…….!

Yeah. I'm sure that last year, the prince had never won over Hasumi; but he was ranked first at the same time too.

For this reason, it's not strange that he'd get first place here.

d.a.m.n you…...prince.

Still, even though I had studied really seriously, I couldn't beat Hasumi this time as well.

Why...? I did so much and just tied, what does this mean…?

I wonder when will the day come that I can say "What a pity, mh? Ohohoho" with a loud laugh and triumphant look.

No, next time for sure, I'll win……!

When I was secretly burning with fighting spirit, the prince and Hasumi arrived. You guys sure get along!

As the prince looked at the announcement he laughed with a broad grin and said to Hasumi.

"This time it's my win, mh? What a pity, mh? Sousuke?"

That's the line I wanted to say!

Don't say it with triumphant face! Isn't that the second thing I wanted to do too!

d.a.m.n you, prince…..!

"......you're saying this even though you had never won before."

Hasumi, that unexpectedly hated to lose, muttered to himself.

The prince patted Hasumi's shoulder with a refres.h.i.+ng smile.

"Don't be so unwilling to admit defeat. Make me some cake as promised, okay?"

..........are. Did the prince try hard b

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