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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 58 – Chapter (58)

We arrived at Miku-sama's holiday house in the afternoon.

The room I'm staying in was with Nao and Miku-sama, "so let's talk a lot at night," we said while laughing.

After sorting out our luggage we had a late lunch.

And after that, we went back to our room to change because we wanted to go to the sea

And there, I made things difficult.

"Rinka, just change already!"

"Don't wanna!"

Nao stood glaring at me like a guardian of the Deva king.

Nao and Miku-sama had already finished changing when they exchanged troubled looks.

Their figures were really good.

The things that should be tightened were tight and that which should stick out were properly sticking out.


"I mean…...I didn't know that Tojo-sama and Hasumi-sama were coming……if I knew that, I wouldn't have brought that swimsuit……"

"It's all right. That swimsuit really looks good on you."


"What, you don't believe me?"

I shook my head at what Nao had said in a teasing tone.

Yeah, let's believe Nao.

I want to go play at sea, too, after all.

Let's think of the prince and Hasumi as fish. If I do that, I won't feel embarra.s.sed.

I grabbed the swimsuit and went into a separate room to change.

And then, after I came out, Nao and Miku-sama said: "it really suits you," with a smile.

Even so, still embarra.s.sed, I wore an extra parka that reached under my b.u.t.t.

Seeing me like that, Miku-sama and Nao exchanged looks and then laughed.

When we arrived at the beach, the other 3 had already changed and were having a friendly chat.

All three of them had properly trained bodies.

My little brother too. He has really grown up, I thought with deep emotions.

"Subaru, Sousuke, Yuto-kun; sorry for making you wait."

Miku-sama approached the three of them with a smile.

Miku-sama wore a white bikini. It really was only white, with almost no decorations. That's how Miku-sama's figure stood out even more.

Nao wore a black and white striped bikini, with matching shorts. And that looked really good on Nao.

And this year, following the fas.h.i.+on trends, I bought a flower patterned bikini. Well, if it was just that then it would have been fine, but the problem was that the lower part was a string type.

I bought it with light feeling; thinking that, since we were between fellow girls, it would have been okay, but it has become my foe.

What if the string came undone?

"We're all gathered now. Sousuke and I both have a jet skiing license. So how about boarding the jet?"

"That looks fun."

Everyone was interested. That certainly looked fun.

But... I can't swim.

But even when I said that I would just wait for them, for some reason it was decided that I'd board it.

It looked like they would be towing. Before I knew it, I was helped on board.

Before I noticed, I was equipped with a life jacket. Really, when did all this happen?

I have

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