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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 17

On the day Miku-sama’s date, I called Hasumi; in a cla.s.sic place like in front of the station’s clock.

My fas.h.i.+on today is perfect.

I wore a tight one piece white dress above the knee, a bit revealing on the chest that looked a bit bold, and high heel sandals. With a denim jacket tied around my hips.

A broad hat, and with light coloured sungla.s.ses hung on my chest, I am perfect. I look like a celebrity no matter how you look at it.

I asked my mother to put dark makeup on my eyes. Like this, I look more adult-like, right?

It's just that, how I normally wore the wide cleavage of the one piece dress made me feel desolate, so I gathered my meats here and there, and now I feel like they could be seen somehow.

This dress is something I borrowed from my mother. My Mother has a dynamite like body. I believe that after a few years, I'll have it too without a doubt.

When I departed while posing like a celebrity, my little brother asked with an anxious face, ‘Neesan what are you up to?’

I said, ‘It's alright, I'm only going out for a bit,’ to rea.s.sure him.

Even so, my little brother was anxious and said, ‘I'll come too.’

If I’m not mistaken, he had some tasks to do and was going to go out now. It's no good to neglect your duties. I feel my faith in him going down. That's no good.

I tried to persuade him that I'll be fine, but he still obstinately said that he'll follow me.

But in the end he reluctantly gave up after getting scolded by mother.

‘Don't worry about me’, I said to him and left the house.

I arrived in front of the station.

I got here 5 minutes before the meeting.

Has Hasumi arrived? I searched in the distance. And found him immediately.

Even when he wears something simple like a white s.h.i.+rt, with a black t-s.h.i.+rt inside, and black pants, Hasumi stands out.

He is too pointlessly handsome. Just by standing there, with his phone in hands, he attracts the public’s gaze. He's the center of attention, even now.

That's no good. For today's objective, it's bad if we are conspicuous.

I made a U turn and entered the station building.

I went around the station's building with a fast pace, I have to choose sungla.s.ses and hat that will fit him.

Since I will use them immediately, I asked the price tags to be removed, I equipped the sungla.s.ses on my chest and went to Hasumi's location with quick steps.

15 minutes pa.s.sed since the promised time. I have to hurry.

Pus.h.i.+ng my way through the people in the surroundings that were looking at Hasumi, I grandly arrived in front of Hasumi.

“Gokigen'yo, Hasumi-sama. I'm sorry for keeping you waiting.”



“Today you feel different from usual, so I didn't recognize you.”

Hasumi unblinkingly looked at me from head to toe.

It must be just an impression that I felt like, for an instant, his eyes stopped at my chest, right?

“I prepared myself to lo

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