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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 3
While somehow managing to get through the entrance ceremony, I head to my cla.s.sroom in superb mood.

Sakuragaoka Academy was an escalator system school which ranged from elementary school to university.

For that reason, there was a great increase in number in the elementary school division. By the way, the prince and the rival character were from the elementary school division.

Because of that, the groups in this cla.s.s were already formed, making the newly admitted students be in the minority group.

However that's a trivial thing for the current me.

Because I'm in a good mood right now!

How to get in a group was a trivial problem. That kind of thing would settle itself in a way or another.

If my status as a temporary loner would remain, then let it be. I am content with just watching over the prince and the rival character.

…...It's not like I'd be lonely. Yes, I would certainly not feel lonely.

Maa, if possible, I would like to enter the group of the rival character as the underling of the underling. Because it would be easy to look at them. Anyway, I shall devote myself to break the next flag now.

Since in the first year I was not in the same cla.s.s as the princ.i.p.al characters, I felt safe in cla.s.s. And I had almost no worries about raising flags in cla.s.s.

I absentmindedly listened to the self-introduction of the members of the cla.s.s and half-heartedly self-introduced myself.

And the first day for the new student ended.

Un, this is the crucial moment, though.

It's the kind of scene where the prince and Rinka would come across each other and b.u.mp their head after the entrance ceremony.

And then by having their eyes matched during the entrance ceremony speech, the prince would end up saying ‘Our eyes have met earlier, it must be fate’.

What embarra.s.sing lines, right? How embarra.s.sing is this prince fellow for being able to say that normally? Is this pardoned because he is theikemenof ashoujomanga?

If such a thing was told to me, I would've pulled back. No matter how much of an ikemen he is, I would draw back if someone said that in real life.

I tried not to look at him in the eye during the entrance ceremony for the sake of avoiding such an embarra.s.sing play.

The result was satisfactory. I should have warded off that embarra.s.sing scenario.

It’s fine if I just avoid b.u.mping each other heads, or so I thought, but in case there is a manga correction force that forcibly make me follow the clas.h.i.+ng panel, then not matching eyes with him was a sound decision.

I would somehow manage not to look at him in the eye with the force of my determination.

But still, if possible I preferred not to meet the prince directly.

It would be a problem if he were to fall in love at first sight. To be worthy to be a shoujo manga heroine, I am a beauty. The said possibility wasn’t zero. Or rather, I felt like he would fell in love like that in the ma

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