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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 1

I have memories of my past life. Absolutely, it's not like I am still half sleeping or having delusions.

One day when I was about to take my middle school entrance exam, on the moment I wrote the kanji of my name, I recalled them.

Isn't Kaguragi Rinka the name of a heroine in a manga I read in my previous life!

It's not the villainess standard pattern? That would've been better.

Because, in Kaguragi Rinka’s shoujo manga introduction the heroine, Rinka, had an earth shatteringly bad reputation in “This World is Overflowing With Love”.

Rinka was an easy to set adrift character.

Tottering toward the guy over there, tottering toward the guy over here, how many times I plainly do thatー! ! I wanted to scream.

Even so, the reason I kept reading till the end was that I liked the rival character.

Rather than the hero being with the heroine, I wished for the hero to be with the rival character.

At the appearance of the rival character in the last round, floods of tears spilled out of my eyes.

In spite of the hero picking such a heroine as his fiance, he got charmed by her capability when she blessed the two of them at the end, and I remember wanting to kill the hero for wavering after seeing her like this.

Maa, anyhow, it seems like I am reborn in the heroine that I hate.

No, it’s still not determined. Maybe by chance this isn't『This World is Overflowing With Love』. Yes, I hope so.

Even when I hoped so, oh G.o.d, how heartless can you be?

I didn’t want to know that the school that Rinka attended actually existed.

Is this already a certainty? What to do, I don't want to become such a person.

After thorough thinking, I was struck by a great idea.

That’s it! I don't have to enter that school!

..... So, I thought that I still had time.

The Kaguragi household is an influential family as it is.

My mother came from a good family, and graduated from the school Rinka attended.

I'm weak against my mother. Even though I can say no to my father and little brother, for some reason I can't to my mother.

In conclusion, it was decided that the school that Rinka would attend Sakuragaoka Academy

I thought of failing the exam…..but, it's not good to drop the Kaguragi household reputation. Furthermore, I am diligent.

And because of my diligence, I couldn't bring myself to fail the entrance exam. Being diligent is hateful.

I would've been saved if Rinka was an idiot at least but, disappointingly it seems like Rinka is an idiot that goes well on studies.

It was a disappointment, in various meanings.

‘After I graduate from middle school what can I do, what can I do’ and so while I worried like this over my break, time heartlessly pa.s.sed in one go, and tomorrow there is the entrance ceremony.

I prepared myself for the worst.

Since it has become like this, I will thoroughly avoid the hero, other than breaking the flag between Rinka and the hero, I can’t

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