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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 21

My brother and I were invited to Miku-sama’s home.

As per custom, we came to Miku-sama’s house with a present chosen by our mother in our hands.

This time, it was her housekeeper that came to greet us.

We were guided by the servant to a room and told to sit.

There were only 2 chairs available. Huh? Miku-sama’s chair is missing.

My brother and I looked at each other.

I thought of asking the servant, but they had quickly left the room.

Left behind, we t.i.tled our heads, ton ton, we heard knocking on the door.

And the person that came was---------

“Welcome, welcome to the tea party.”

Miku-sama with a tea set in her hands.

If she just had the tea set, then it would’ve been fine. The problem is her clothes.

“Mi-miku-san……? What's with these clothes?”

“Fufu. Does it suit me?”

What Miku-sama was wearing is the so called maid uniform.

A knee length ap.r.o.n dress with a white and black colour base, and a few ornaments. Victorian maid style. A white brim was precisely fixed on her hair.

If such a maid was in a maid cafè, I would go there everyday. Definitely go there,and then make her draw on my omurice, and if possible, take a photo with her.

“Neesan, come back to reality.”


No good. It seems like I had made a trip to the delusional world of angel-like maids. Miku-sama, what a frightening child you are.

“Today we will ・・entertain you with everything we have. So be at ease.”


What does she mean by, “we?”

When I was about to tilt my head, a knock sounded at the right time.

Our eyes naturally moved to the door.

“......pardon my intrusion.”

The person that said so, and entered, was Hasumi.

“Hhhha, su, mi…...sama……?”

“Are you serious…..”

At Hasumi's appearance, my brother and I made a commotion.

Because, Hasumi was wearing a butler suit.

Moreover, the bangs that were usually down, were neatly combed back.

And then again, the butler uniform unbelievably suited him.

He really looked like a capable butler.

He had cool appearance. If he were to work in a maid cafè, I'm sure that people would line up, only Hasumi's name would spread, and there's no mistake that he would receive jealousy and envy from his co-workers.

However, what a thing. An angelic maid and a capable butler are gathered here. I see, this must be paradise.

When they are next to each other like this, they are a sight for sore eyes. I want to take a photo.

Thank you, person that gave birth to cosplay.

“Neesan…...I understand your feelings, but come back.”


It seems like the shock was too much and I went on a trip to the world of delusions again.

I'm glad I'm with my little brother. If it weren't for him, I would remain in the world of delusions and never come back.

“You two…..why are you dressed like that?”

“To thank you a little.”

“Thank us?”

Have I done something to be thanked for by Mik

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