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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 13

I quietly ate my cake.

I wonder why my chest hurts. Is this heartburn?

I wonder if I was. .h.i.t by the couples at the terrace.

Un, it must be like this. Without doubt.

I forcibly convinced myself.

Drinking the milk tea, my heart calmed down.

Then, I slowly raised my face to look at Hasumi.

Um, it's all good. It doesn’t feel like before.

I must have been hit by the couples.

Hasumi was elegantly eating his cake.

Hasumi can eat cakes hmm, I absentmindedly stared at him, a sullen looking Hasumi glared back at me.


“Is it so strange that I'm eating cake?”

“It’s not that it's strange but…..the image doesn't match.”

“Is that so….. I like cakes, though……”

Hasumi said, a bit downhearted.

Is that so... he like cakes……. Though it’s not like I wanted such an information.

It appears like the 『Wis.h.i.+ng Miku-sama happiness’ fan club』is an a.s.sembly of cake lovers. Well, it's not like there are other people apart from us, right?

“Ah, seems like they are returning home.”

When Hasumi mentioned it, taken aback, I looked at them.

They certainly looked to be preparing to go back.

Soon, I'll be able to meet Miku-sama.

I suddenly began to feel nervous.

“Will I be okay I wonder…..will I do something weird in front of Miku-sama…..”

“You are weird most the time though, won't you be fine?”

Hasumi, by pretending to encourage me, splendidly insulted me.

For now, I should calm down. I moistened my throat with some milk tea.

Un, I feel like I've calmed down a bit.

After a while, the prince left.

And then, I finally carried out my meeting with Miku-sama.

“I'm sorry for being late, Sousuke, and nice to meet you Kaguragi Rinksan. I'm Minase Miku.”

Aah, the Miku-sama I admire is smiling in front of me.

A dignified appearance, a figure overflowing with elegance.

I stared at Miku-sama to my heart content, and sweetly smiled back like a young lady.

“Nice to meet you, I'm called Kaguragi Rinka. I'm delighted to be able to meet Minase-san. Minase-san is someone I greatly admire.”

“My, thank you. I heard the rumors about Kaguragi-san you know. Your test scores were almost the same as Sousuke’s. That's amazing.”

“No, such a thing…...that was by chance.”

Ah, I'm talking to the Miku-sama I admire.

This isn’t a dream right? This isn’t a hallucination created from my delusions, right!?

I secretly pinched the back of my hand.

.....it hurt. This is reality!

I did it…..! My wish come true!!

Thank you G.o.d! I'm glad I'm alive!

I expressed my grat.i.tude to G.o.d in my mind.

“Was Subaru satisfied?”

“Yes. He ate 10 serves of cake, you know. Just by watching him I felt like I was having a heartburn.”

“.....that idiot…..”

As if amazed, Hasumi sighed.

Was the prince a sweet tooth? Aree, I seem to remember he liked spicy things though…..

“I'm sure that his stomach will hurt tomorrow…...why

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