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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 5

The day of the trip finally came!

I was teamed together with my friends.

I'm looking forward to the trip!

While in the bus my friends were noisily going kya kyaa, at the museum they were quietly frolicing.

Going on a trip with your friends is something that would make your excitement go up no matter the place.

When I was happily eating my bento in the museum's courtyard with my friends, a familiar person entered my vision.

It appears that person is heading towards the botanical gardens alone.

Curious, I excused myself from my friends and chased after that person.

My sixth sense is telling me I will see a delicious scene!

The person I am pursuing is my beloved rival character, Minase Miku-sama.

She usually is accompanied by her friends, but this time she's going alone to the botanical gardens.

This must be that, right? A rendezvous with the prince, right?

I absolutely can't miss such an important event!

I wish happiness for both, no, for Miku-sama's happiness as a member of her fan club.

By the way, Miku-sama’s ’Wis.h.i.+ng Happiness’ fan club has only two members, Hasumi and I. We recruit new members at any time. Won't you stealthily watch over the two of them with us too?

No, more importantly, there's an event unfolding in front of me.

I entered the garden after Miku-sama, stealthily following her like the perfect stalker.

At the place we soon arrived at, the person I expected was waiting.

“Subaru! Sorry, did I keep you waiting?”

“No, I just arrived a while ago.”

Don't mind it, said the prince whilst lightly stroking Miku-sama's head.

Miku-sama smiled happily from that.

And I, stealthily watching them from the shade.

Ah, it's such a blessed sight. I am only worried about whether I'll have a nosebleed. Since the uniform is white, it would be conspicuous if stained.

Leaning over, the two of them were talking about something. While I was hidden behind the garden shrubs, grinning at the sight, a cold voice spoke.

“You, what are you doing?”

Taken aback, I looked over my shoulder and found Hasumi staring at me with chilly eyes.

The plants I am hiding behind aren’t that tall. They are just about my height.

Because Hasumi is tall, his head protrudes over the garden shrubs.

c.r.a.p. They'll end up noticing me.

“Shh! Hide!”

I instantly pinned Hasumi down.

You again! It was at such a good part too! Don't get in my way! Like that, with my wrath and all my strength included, I pushed him down.


“What's wrong?”

“No, I feel like I saw Sousuke’s figure right now, but it seem like it was just my imagination. Shall we go look inside, Miku?”

“Oh, yes.”

Confirming they went inside, I breathe out with fuu.

That was a close call. I was almost found out.

Really, it seem like Hasumi has not enough self-awareness as a Miku-sama's ‘Wis.h.i.+ng Happiness’ fan club member.

If we were exposed, wouldn

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