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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 24

The cake the servant cut up was served.

It looks like what Hasumi baked was a shortcake.

Not only with strawberries, but with a lot of other fruits interposed. Looks tasty.

In addition, Hasumi made various sweets other than the cake; cookies, madeleine, and macarons are lined up here.

What Nao brought was jelly.

It was a jelly that had a beautiful color graduation.

It had 3 types of color; pink, yellow, and green, with each having different flavors.

Other than jelly, she brought yokan too.

Western sweets are delicious, but occasionally having j.a.panese sweets, with their sweet simplicity, is good too. The anko is delicious.

The cold jelly with the yokan at this time is perfect.

What I prepared is pudding.

You might think ‘again?’ But, even though pudding is still pudding, today's pudding has a unique taste different from other puddings.

I also prepared normal pudding, but mango pudding, choco pudding, pudding with a lot of fresh cream, and baked pudding are here too.

I recommend the pumpkin pudding.

It's been hard getting my hands on it, because right now is not the season for pumpkin; however, I was fortunately able to get it after a long period of time.

Besides the pudding, I prepared cream puffs.

The cream puff is my boom.

Every day, I'll eat one without fail.

It was really incredible to have the sweets everyone brought, lined up here.

Well, I think that the volume is a bit too much, but it is said that you have a separate stomach for sweets, so it should be fine, right?

In the worst case, I decided to tell my little brother to come.

While eating the pastries we began chatting.

The start was the girls power.

It's not a girls only party since that fellow joined, but since the girl power is high, it should be okay. I decided not to mind it.

“This cake is truly delicious. As expected of something Rinka praised.”

“Even so~”

“I'm not praising you.”


“Fufu, Rinksan and Nao really get along, right? I wonder if we look like this too from other people’s perspectives. Right, Sousuke?”

“I wonder? Don't we look like this?”

“Most likely, mh?”

Since earlier Hasumi has been engrossed in the pumpkin pudding I recommended.

He was so engrossed in the pudding, that his interaction with Miku-sama had become rough.

I understand your feelings but please be more courteous when interacting with Miku-sama.

After he finished eating the pumpkin pudding, Hasumi stared fixedly at me.

What is it? If you want to say something, than do it.

“This pudding…..”

“It's a secret.”

“I still haven’t said anything though.”

“I understand even if you don’t say it. I won't tell you the name of the shop.”


“I won't tell you no matter what you say.”

This shop produces a limited quant.i.ty, so getting my hands on them is hard.

I have many rivals. I don't want to unnecessarily increase them.

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