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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 6

In the end, I couldn't enjoy visiting the botanical gardens.

It’s Hasumi's fault. I’m holding a grudge.

According to my friends, that visited the botanical gardens, it was really lovely. They happily told me that it was like going to a foreign country.

I wanted to curse Hasumi.

The outing was on Friday and the next day was for resting.

I decided to go out shopping with my little brother to distract myself.

My little brother, that was a year younger than me, is a cute child that looks like me.

Because I was an only child in my previous life, I always wanted a little brother or sister.

That's why, when the memories of my previous self returned I felt like my little brother was really cute. He was cute even before I recalled them though.

Recently he has become rebellious but since that's a phase everyone goes through, I called him cute without concerning over it. He felt I was annoying, but this doesn’t matter. Because I love my little brother. Calling me a bro-con isn’t an exaggeration.

Today too, even while continuing to complain, he still came shopping with me. He is really a cute little brother.

“Nee-san, where are we going today?”

“Right…...shall we go to the department stores?”

“This year, I'm a student preparing for exam though?”

“It will be alright, after all Yuto is better than everyone else. You’ll be fine even if you don’t study for a day.”

“.......is that so”

Said my brother whilst turning his face on the other side.

I must have a serious brother complex to think that even such an action is cute.

I took my little brother around and had fun tottering here and there to shop. And while saying ‘It can't be helped’ in an amazed tone, my little brother took all the luggage my hands were full of. What a gentleman, as expected of my little brother!

And even when I was choosing clothes and muttering ‘I wonder which I should choose?’ he'll casually advise me saying ‘Isn't that one good?’

Your onee-chan knows. Knows that the casual way you said it is to hide your embarra.s.sment.

Completely satisfied, I've turned in a good mood.

I've bought all the things I wanted and had some sibling time after a while.

I shall thank my little brother for keeping me company. Let's buy him anything he fancy with what my pocket money permit!

Thinking so, I peeked at my purse only to find out that I was broke.

I don't receive a small amount of allowance. However because in my previous life I was just a common person, I can't bring myself to spend a large amount of money and used only one quarter of the money I acc.u.mulated.

I don't really buy things like clothes with my allowance, because my mother would frequently go buy them herself.

Such a me ended up ama.s.sing and acc.u.mulating allowance to use, so this resulted in distracting myself with shopping.

Seriously, I feel like I am gradually becoming richer and richer.

“I'm sorry, Yuto…..I t

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