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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 4
Half a month has pa.s.sed after the entrance ceremony.

With the flags in that period succeeding altogether.

I still can't let my guard down, but I think it's good to steadily persist like this.

I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. I won't let the Hasumi incident happen a second time. I'm a girl who learns from my errors.

That was an unpleasant incident.

I totally have no intention of getting in touch with the main characters of Sekakoi. Iya, I would really like to become friends with the rival character, though.

I want to avoid making my existence enter the prince's ears by being in contact with a main character.

Although that's what I said.

I came in contact with the prince's best friend.

Even though I don't want to be in contact with the guy who ranked next to the prince!

Moreover, he saw my unbecoming appearance of a young lady. Truly regretful.

Iya, that was my bad though?

Maa, it's a relief that I don't have to worry about love in his case.

He is in love with the rival character in Sekakoi setting.

However, even though he already knows that the rival character is in love with the prince and at that point of time he had a fiance; he wished for the rival character’s happiness. He helped her by giving advices and encouragements.

It’s a character that I can really sympathize with.

In my previous life, I would have already gave him the rival character! But even if I think so, that would be troublesome. Because I want the rival character to get on with the prince.

I was recalling his setting when it struck me.

How about getting him to cooperate with me?

As it could be seen from afar, it seemed that Hasumi likes the Rival character as in the setting of the manga.

Uhm, it may work.

No, wait, wait, wait.

Hasumi was the person closest to the prince. Having his cooperation means getting closer to the prince.

That’s dangerous. Really dangerous.

Besides, I still haven’t gotten over my resentment. Well, that was my fault, though?

From the conclusion above, the Hasumi cooperating measure is rejected.

For the time being, while I'll continue to pay attention to the flags, I’ll look at the situation of the prince and the rival character.


“Huh? Ah, sorry. It seems like I was in a bit of a daze…..So, what was you were saying?”

“We were talking about the trip”

“Oh, so it was about that. The trip……”

“I want the group to be formed with these members”

“Right, it looks like it would be fun”

These girls who were going kya kyaa in discussing about the trip are my friends.

They are angelic children that since my admission in the cla.s.s, straight out called out to me and let me enter their group.

Chatting with girls full of enthusiasm and curiosity is fun.

And the important thing here is that when my young miss act carelessly slips, well, I can say they don't knit their eyebrows in indignation.

Nowadays, they'd j

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