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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 39

After that, I returned home with my little brother who came to pick me up.

Because it was already late; I went to see a doctor the next day, and like Hasumi guessed: it was a sprain.

My worried father and little brother told me to stay put during winter vacation; so as to not put pressure on my foot, I decided to do my homework.

Because I devoted myself to doing my homework, it only took me three days to finish and ended up having nothing to do.

I'm stumped, I had thought, so I mailed Nao who had returned home for winter vacation, and she came to visit the injured me.

Thanks to Nao, who talked through all the day, time pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

Perhaps because she had nothing to do like she complained, from that day on, she came to visit me every other day.

With a rotation of Nao, Miku-sama, and Asahi-san.

Maybe he heard it from Asahi-san, because Asuka came to visit me too. Gifting me with a set of tea pastries.

I'm happy that they all tried to cheer me up, but is everyone schedule really okay?

When I asked that, everyone uniformly said: "It's alright."

I wonder if it's really alright…..

On New Year's Eve, no one came to visit me.

The swelling having faded, I decided to clean my room.

However, I was immediately found out by my little brother, and he preached to me until I reluctantly returned to bed. Recently, my little brother was like a mom.

I'm free. What should I do? Should I read a poetry anthology, like a proper ojou-sama?

However, unfortunately I am under a curse that makes me fall asleep after just 10 minutes of reading a poetry anthology.

When I was troubled as to what to do, a servant came in with a smiling face holding a bouquet of pretty flowers.

"Ojou-sama, a bouquet and pastries arrived as a get well gift."

"My, from who?"

"Fufu…...Ojou-sama already knows, I think. It was a really cool guy that came to deliver these, you know. It was Hasumi Sousuke-sama."

"Hasumi-sama? My….."

"Aren't these some really pretty flowers, Ojou-sama?"

"Yes, they are. I must thank him when I see him….."

I smiled seeing the bouquet that the servant brought. Among the flowers I found some Poppies.

Poppies in the language of flowers is 『Rest』. It's Hasumi's way to convey "Get better soon."

It's really like him. I felt relieved.

The year changed and winter vacation was over, from today on the 3rd semester has started.

My foot recovered completely and I headed to school in high spirits.

My friends, who seemed to have heard that I got injured, were worried; and when I said that I am already fine, they all got happy and said, thank G.o.d.

Everyone in the student council was worried too.

I reflected, I'm really a fortunate person, as they worried for me when it was just a small injury.

When I thanked Hasumi and Asuka for their get-well gifts, they both said that it's really good that I recovered.

You guys are my good

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