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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 35

Quite some time had pa.s.sed since the day we begun to freely take out sweets in the student council room.

Recently, Asuka has been staring at me motionlessly.

When we lock eyes, he turns away. What's up?

.......eh? It seems like there was such a scene in the manga……?

Maybe. But only maybe.

When I was thinking so, Asuka approached me with the resolute face of someone that had made a decision.

Currently, it's only the two of us in the student council room. The other members had left their seats to do various tasks.


"What is it?"

I asked Asuka with a smile.

However, confusion reigned inside me.

Un, but, it may be that... this is the world of a manga after all. Un, that's why it may be that.

However, to me, Asuka is only a dependable student council member.

That's why, that's a bit…...

"There's something I always wanted to tell you."

Seriously. It's that, after all?

My inner turmoil reached its peak.

However, on the surface, I didn't let it out one bit and tilted my head in wonder.

That's right, I'm an actress, I am an actress! Only on the surface though...

"Something you wanted to tell me?"

"Yes, in reality I……"

Aah, stop it, stop it Asuka!

Don't say the rest!!

I can only think of you as a student council member!

"I've always…...wanted to ask if you'd like to eat this, but would you like to?"


"Well, it's a pretty j.a.panese pastry…...what about it?"

"Actually, I made it."

Asuka said, shyly laughing.

I heard that Asuka's family ran a well-established j.a.panese sweets shop, and Asuka is apparently the heir.

It seems like he is presently in the middle of training, and the sweets he brought out today were his home's commodity that he personally made; and so, he wanted to hear the opinion of a third party.

Why ask me when we were alone? When I asked, he replied that he felt embarra.s.sed by bringing sweets himself. Indeed.

"Kaguragi always eat sweets looking as if they are really delicious, you know? But it's always western sweets. That's why, I wanted to appeal j.a.panese sweets to Kaguragi……."


Somehow, isn't it embarra.s.sing that I was misunderstanding it all by myself? There, don't get shy. Because the most embarra.s.sed one is me, who thought that they were being confessed to!

Ah, it's hot. Don't be deceived anymore…..

I mean, you understand, right? You would have misunderstood too, right? I would never have thought that he wanted to see me eat some j.a.panese pastry!

"At any rate, would you like to try some? Though, I don't want to force you……"

"Thanks for the meal."

That's right! It's self-abandonment!

I bit on a chrysanthemum shaped tea pastry.

At the moment I ate it, the refined sweetness of the red bean paste spread inside my mouth. Usually, I would feel the red bean paste remaining in my throat; however, the pastry that Asuka ma

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