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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 53 – Chapter (53)

Soon it will be Miku-sama's birthday.

For the sake of the Miku-sama that I love, I want to give her the perfect present.

I've been causing various troubles for Miku-sama, so I want to include an apology to her.

But, I wonder what would be good?

"......as one would expect, I can't answer you. That kind of thing is something you should think of for yourself."


I see, even Asuka doesn't know the answer to this problem.

Well, it's only natural.

But I'm really troubled. I'm the type of person that is constantly indecisive when buying presents and souvenirs.

Hmmm…...I wonder if I should ask my little brother to go shopping with me?

Un, that sound good. Let's do so.

At the moment I arrived at this conclusion, my little brother arrived with great timing.

It's really unusual to see my little brother coming to the student council. I wonder if something happened.

"Ara, Yuto, what's up?"

"Is he your little brother? You resemble each other."

"Yes, that's right. Yuto, this is Asuka Toumkun. He often gives me consultation."

"Nice to meet you. My sister has been in your care."

Yuto gave a beautiful bow.

The beauty of that bow made me grin.

That was a perfect bow. As expected of my little brother.

"Oh, nice to meet you. He really is a level-headed little brother."

"Fufu. Right? So, what do you need?"

In a super good mood from having my little brother praised, I didn't doubt that my little brother had come for some tasks.

"No, not with nee-san. Where is Asahi-san?"


Eh? You didn't need me?

Disregarding the secretly shocked me, Asuka answered.

"I think that Sagani-san will be here in a bit. Until then it's okay if you wait here."

"Thank you very much. Then I will take your offer."

My little brother sat beside me as if it was a matter of course.

Ah, that's Hasumi's seat…..

When I tried to caution him, Hasumi arrived.

Hasumi stiffened for an instant, but then immediately returned with a cool face and said to my brother.

"That's my seat you know."

"Oh, is that so? I'm sorry. But I'm stumped…...I don't have a place to sit, so is it okay if I sit with my older sister?"

"Eh? It's fine but, there is a chair over…."

"Thank you, nee-san."

My little brother smiled in a way that I saw somewhere before, and sat on half of my chair.

Hasumi looked at him with freezing eyes.

"Yuto. Since there is a chair over there, how about bringing it over? It will be hard for Kaguragi to work if not."

"That's not something for Hasumi-san to decide, right? Hey, nee-san. Am I a bother if I sit with nee-san?"

Looking at my brother eyes that shook a bit with anxiousness, my heart immediately gave in to him.

"You aren't bothering me."

Before I noticed, those words left my mouth. I'm too weak against my little brother. And even if I know this I don't feel like fixing it.

My brother smiled hap

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