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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 51 – Chapter (51) Little Brother
51 little brother

A month pa.s.sed quickly since I was able to safely get into Sakuragaoka Academy, the same school as my older sister.

My older sister sometimes came to my cla.s.s.

The fact that she came in itself was good; but, I don't like the looks of the fellow guys in my cla.s.s.

Sister certainly has a good appearance. She gave the feeling of a lovely beauty.

The people tricked by her outward appearance would say things like, "Yuto's nee-san is a beauty, eh," and I silently added punishment to them.

Sister has a first-cla.s.s beauty, but a regrettable content.

'Don't be deceived by her appearance,' I wanted to scream.

And that sister of mine had been acting strange recently.

At the same time my sister had become strange, I often caught sight of her being together with Tojo-san and Hasumi-san.

Are they the cause I wonder?

I cannot watch my sister looking dispirited.

If you are troubling my sister, I won't pardon you even in the case that you are a person who took care of me.

I'm often told that I'm a siscon, but what about it.

For me, sister is someone to protect, and not to give to any run of the mill guy.

When I told this to my older cousin, Asahi-san, nii-san said, "You siblings really like each other," with a bitter smile.

One day, I found my older sister sandwiched between Tojo-san and Hasumi-san at the shoe lockers.

When I was about to call out to her, she looked at me and made a relieved face.

When I heard what happened from sister, it appeared to have almost turned into what I thought.

It seemed like Tojo-san and Hasumi-san fell in love with her.

And older sister hadn't noticed that.

No, usually, you would notice. Because they are scattering light in front of you.

'Why did things turn out like this,' I wanted to retort.

No, in Hasumi-san's case, I thought so already long ago.

By no means did I think that Tojo-san would be done in by sister too.

I let my guard down.

With this, can't you understand the reason why I enrolled in Sakuragaoka Academy?

It was to guard and not let strange insects get attached to her, that I entered this school.

I was strictly ordered so by father as well.

Sister in the eyes of my father is cute to a painful extent.

And such a father is unwilling to give sister to a half-baked person, so he ordered me to guard her.

Well, Tojo-san and Hasumi-san might match father's sight, but as for me, they don't.

I want older sister to always be smiling.

If I am not convinced that sister is really happy, I won't accept it.

―――if I don't give them a warning.

If you want my sister's hand, then you have to make me acknowledge you.

Yes, I must warn these two.

After the trip, older sister holed herself in her room.

Immediately after she returned from the trip, she became strange, this is an abnormal situation.

Thinking so, I wanted to attend to my sister, but I was rejected

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