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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 54 – Chapter (54)

I arrived at the appointed place.

It looked like Hasumi still hadn't arrived.

I adjusted my hat in place.

The sunlight is strong today. I shouldn't have put just the hat on but sunscreen too. What a blunder.

As I waited, I absent-mindedly heard the talks of other girls wishes here and there.

Aah, has he finally arrived?

"Sorry, did I make you wait long?"

I scowled at Hasumi that said the standard line.

"You're late. I thought I would get sunburnt."

"......sunburnt? You didn't put on sunscreen?"

"I forgot to put it on! Now, let's hurry. Before I get sunburnt."

"Ah, yeah……"

When I walked briskly ahead, Hasumi followed suit.

Our destination was the department store. The department store I once ran into Hasumi.

I want to look around for accessories.

I want to gift Miku-sama an accessory that suited her.

Even though I was walking ahead of him, Hasumi came up next to me in no time thanks to his long legs.

Not willing to lose, I sped up my pace to be ahead of Hasumi.

Hasumi did the same and came up next to me again, and said with an exasperated tone.

"Why are you competing with me? Are you angry?"

"I'm not competing; and I am not angry."

"Then, why are you walking ahead of me?"

".......because I feel like it?"

"I would like to hear why though……"

Hasumi knitted his brows.

In reality, it's because I vaguely felt resistance to walking beside him.

It's just vague, but awkward.

And because it's awkward, I try to squeeze in a conversation.

"What will Hasumi-sama gift Miku-sama?"


Hasumi answered after thinking for a bit.

"I thought to give her something she could use on a daily basis."

"I see. Me too."

"We should be careful to not gift similar things."

"Yes, you're right. By the way, what did you give her last year?"

"Last year, I gifted her a bouquet of flowers."

"My, a bouquet."

Are? I felt like I had heard about this somewhere already.

Where was it again? Hmm…...ah right.

If I remember correctly, it was my brother that said, Hasumi would gift Miku-sama flowers for her birthday every year. And that, as fresh flowers would wither; they wouldn't remain.

And then thought. It's painful, Hasumi.

But, this year you intend to give her something that would properly remain?

Is this the proof that he broke through Miku-sama?

That might be it.

Then, this time's shopping is the first step to commemorate that for Hasumi.

"......what. What's with that look."

"Well. I was thinking that Hasumi-sama has grown up….."

"Why are you looking down at me then?"


".......it's disgusting, don't look at me."

It's rude to say that it's disgusting!

I was just genuinely smiling thinking about Hasumi's growth.

However, my grinning wouldn't stop no matter what he said.

Hasumi looking uncomfortable made his gaze wander about.

Having arrived at t

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