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vekalat-talagh > I\'m The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over > Chapter 52 – Chapter (52)

Recently, I would think about many problems.

I've been confessed to by the prince and Hasumi.

Yeah, I've been confessed to.

Since then, they tried to accoste me often.

And no matter how I magnificently ignore them, or how fast I think of leaving and escaping with all my strength; yeah, presently, even though I use all my strength, I don't seem to be able to run off.

I understand that the prince is attracted to me.

He conveyed it in every conversation.

However, Hasumi's att.i.tude didn't change from before his confession.

He was sarcastic like always, making a fool out of people.

This fellow, was he really in love with me?

These were the questions I would think about. Or maybe, the Hasumi of that time was an impostor?

"What do you think about it? Asukkun."

"Even if you ask me……"

Asuka smiled wryly while drinking tea.

Tea really suits Asuka.

The prince and Hasumi have a western type of image, but Asuka had j.a.panese type. He seemed like he'd look good in a yukata and jinbei.

Does it suit him because he was born in a household that had a j.a.panese sweets shop after all?

By the way, I am in the middle of a 'sampling of his latest work' meeting.

The pastry is called Aoyagi, it's a sweet that look like a blue daif.u.ku.

It's a bit cold, and is delicious.

The sticky texture of the mochi with the mellow taste of the bean paste.

Delicious. Give me another.

I took another Aoyagi and ate it.

And then I drank a bit of the bitter tea. I reached paradise at once.

"Aren't you already used to how he is? You shouldn't feel bothered."

"Is that so…...but, my impression of him won't turn good though? It's plummeting down instead?"

"Even if you tell me this…….."

Asuka made a troubled face.

Recently, the times I ask Asuka for advice increased.

As expected of someone that would become the next council president, he kindly gave consultation, and his advice was on point.

Asuka had become my good consultation partner.

Of course, since I would be troubled if I was liked by him, I've been p.r.i.c.king warnings like "don't come to like me please".

When I do this he would answer me, "That's absolutely impossible," with a serious look.

I wonder, what does he mean?

Well, I'll be troubled if he were to like me, right?

"What does Kaguragi want Hasumi to do in particular?"

"Even if you ask me…..what I want him to do…….."

"You feel dissatisfied with Hasumi's att.i.tude now, right? That's why you wanted to talk about it with me. Am I wrong?"

"Rather than…...dissatisfied, his att.i.tude didn't really change, so I would feel insecure and ask myself if the things that happened that day were a dream."

"In short."

Asuka put down his tea cup and said with a serious face.

"Kaguragi wants Hasumi to properly do things that shows his 'like' towards you, right?"


Huh? Really?

But that might be the ca

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